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The Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine Division at Saint Peter's University Hospital

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Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine

The Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine division at Saint Peter's University Hospital provides comprehensive clinical genetic services, including counseling, diagnosis and treatment. The Institute's health care team comprises a medical geneticist, genetic counselors, nurses, a nutritionist and a social worker. Together they provide education and support and help families cope with and manage rare inherited conditions, including birth defects, chromosome abnormalities, cancer and metabolic disease.

Newborn Screening

Designated by the state as a regional center for inherited metabolic disorders, the institute provides follow-up and therapeutic intervention for infants diagnosed with genetic disorders through the state's newborn screening program, which has resulted in improved neonatal outcomes.

Specialty Centers

One of the largest and most comprehensive lysosomal therapy centers in the United States is located at Saint Peter's division of Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine. With support from Genzyme Corporation, which manufactures medications used to treat rare metabolic disorders, and the Genetic Alliance, a coalition of more than 600 advocacy groups, the Lysosomal Center participates in research studies and has conducted several clinical trials on lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs). A group of 40 rare genetic diseases, LSDs affect multiple systems, including the central nervous system, lungs, heart, spleen, liver and skeleton. For more information on LSDs, visit

  • In addition to support for the Lysosomal Center, the Institute receives state support as a designated Regional Center for Newborn Screening and Genetic Services.

Our Location

The Children's Hospital at Saint Peter's
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Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine
Saint Peter's University Hospital
Medical Office Building, 3rd Floor
254 Easton Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 745-6659
Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
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