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Tricking Them with Healthy Treats

Help your children avoid the temptation of eating their treats along their path. Read More...

Special Delivery

Following two high-risk pregnancies that led to Cesarean-section deliveries and the healthy births of daughter Laci, 5, and son Johnny, 4, Green Brook resident Christine Leso was prepared for difficulties when her third baby was about to be born. But she didn’t plan on a week-20 diagnosis of placenta accreta, a severe complication in which the placenta imbeds itself into the myometrium, or middle layer of the uterus, putting the mother-to-be at risk of hemorrhage. Yet that’s what she received. Read More...

Minimally Invasive Technology for Severe Asthma Sufferers

More than 24.5 million people are currently diagnosed with asthma, accounting for 1.8 million emergency department visits a year. It is estimated that approximately nine people die from the disease each day. Read More...

Give It Your Best Shot – Find Out What Immunizations You Need

You may think it’s only for kids, but it’s for adults too. Immunizations are necessary for young and old. Whether you are traveling abroad this summer, or getting your school-age child or college-age child ready for school, it’s important to keep track of which immu- nizations you and your loved ones need. Getting vaccines on time helps prevent illness before you’re exposed. Read More...

A Home Away From Home

Games, art, music, even a wash and set followed by a little tender loving care from man’s best friend, are served up Monday through Friday at the Saint Peter’s Adult Day Center in Monroe Township. In the caring hands of the specially trained staff, clients with physical or cognitive challenges such as dementia are provided the compassion and medical attention that has been the hallmark of care for more than a century at Saint Peter’s University Hospital. In this brightly-colored spacious center, clients – and their caregivers – find a home away from home. With the expansion of its free curb-to- curb transportation services, the center now extends its reach to the communities of East Brunswick, Old Bridge, Helmetta, Spotswood, and South River. Read More...