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Orthopedic Surgery

Gender Knee

The Zimmer® Gender Solutions™ Knee is one of the first knee implant shaped to fit a woman's anatomy. A special technique called Minimally Invasive Solutions™ (MIS) Quad-Sparing™ total knee arthroplasty allows patients to generally return home sooner, recover and return to their normal activities faster, and have smaller scars.

Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is a new alternative to total hip replacement for young, active adults with severe arthritis, dysplasia or other hip diseases. The procedure preserves more of the native bone, leaving more material to support another implant should a total hip replacement be needed years later. This innovative procedure can benefit women ages 60 or younger and men ages 65 or younger who lead active lives and do not have osteoporosis or certain kinds of severe arthritis.

Traditional total hip replacement surgery is also available for patients who will benefit more from that type of procedure.


This type of minimally invasive back surgery is performed on patients who have suffered vertebral fractures, usually as a result of osteoporosis. While the patient is under a local or general anesthetic, a small incision is made in the back. A cementlike material is injected into the vertebral area via an inflated balloon. Patients usually return home the day of the procedure.

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