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NICVIEW at Saint Peter's University Hospital


The Children's Hospital at Saint Peter's University Hospital is the first regional hospital in the metropolitan area to fully equip its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with live-streaming cameras that make it possible for parents to view their babies from a secure online portal.

This technology makes it possible for families to bond with their preemie or hospitalized infant from any computer or mobile device from home or anywhere else.

Below are few things for parents to keep in mind when utilizing this technology.

• Your baby's camera will be on intermittently 24/7. Our goal is to have it available to you as much as possible.
• If camera is off, it is because your baby is having a medical procedure or receiving treatment.
• Only those who have been given the user name and password by the baby's parents can view the video.

Advantages of NICVEW

• When you can't be at Saint Peter's, you can log in and see baby at the start and end of your day.
• If mom is unable to get out of the hospital bed, she can watch their baby.
• To strengthen bonding, mom can see the baby when pumping milk
• Family members who are too young to come into the NICU can see the baby.
• You can share viewing privileges with close family and friends who live out of town.

Using the System

• You will need to sign a written consent form and then a user name and password will be assigned to you.
 This user name and password cannot be changed. Hospital staff cannot share the user name and password with anyone other than parents.
• The camera is powered on and off by the medical team caring for your infant. To view your baby from the webcam system, go to and enter your assigned username and password.
• The webcam system provides real-time viewing. It does not store any video or patient information.
• If you see a message that care is being given to your baby, the camera is temporarily turned off.
• It is illegal to record or copy a stream



NicView at Saint Peter's

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