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Andrew Camerota, MD

Doctor Andrew Camerota

Andrew Camerota, MD

Chief, General Surgery

Surgery, General
Surgery, Robotic

Practice Location(s)

Saint Peter’s Physician Associates

59 Veronica Avenue
Somerset, NJ  08873

(732) 249-0977

(732) 249-1860

Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA

Boston University

Dr Andrew Camerota, MD, has been in surgical  practice since 1990 and has worked in New Brunswick since 1994. He has been performing advanced laparoscopy procedures since 1997 and robotic-assisted surgery more most recently. Areas of expertise include minimally invasive treatment of the approaches to colon, hernias, stomach tumors, hiatal hernias, and biliary disorders.  He also has been performing thyroid / parathyroid surgery since 1990.

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