For the routine
Whether it’s a single baby or marvelous
multiples, babies can be unpredictable—
especially when it comes to their arrivals. For
those babies who may be eager to arrive early,
Saint Peter’s has a unit dedicated to high‑risk
pregnancies where mom might be admitted
for a few days or as many as 18 weeks.
The experts at Saint Peter’s are extremely
knowledgeable about the risk factors
for premature birth, have the diagnostic
technologies to evaluate every pregnancy, and
can admit mothers‑to‑be to the unit to help
diminish the risks for both mother and baby.
While excessive morning sickness may call for
a brief stay in the unit, other risks of premature
birth—including multiple births—may call for an
extended stay of several weeks. In these unusual
cases, Saint Peter’s goes the extra mile to make
the expectant mom’s stay more comfortable.