Kid‑friendly emergency room
For parents, caring for your child during a medical emergency is one of life’s most stressful challenges.
Split‑second decisions that you make regarding the medical treatment for your child require that you think
and act all at once, and with a sense of urgency beyond all reason. One decision, however, wastes no time
and eliminates unnecessary worry: bringing your sick or injured child to the expert pediatric emergency care
team at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s.
A visit to an emergency room can be frightening for anyone—especially your child—and we have taken
great care to design a child‑friendly environment to help kids feel more at ease and make families a little
more comfortable during their time with us. A few child‑friendly highlights include small blood pressure
cuffs and fine needles, private rooms, and television, toys and video games. Most important, staff members
are experts at dealing with children and can help to minimize stress for both parent and child.