Pint‑sized precision
Minimally invasive surgery is offered by our pediatric
surgeons for your newborn, child or adolescent.
Our surgeons keep current on the most advanced
and proven minimally invasive surgical techniques
and technologies available. Advanced surgical
equipment and tiny video cameras are used—
some of which are specially developed and sized
for newborns and children. Less traumatic than
traditional surgery, minimally invasive procedures
use special instruments, allow for minor incisions,
quicker recovery, and fewer side effects—all of
which are so important to our smallest of patients
and their parents.
And parents can be comforted by knowing that
a pediatric anesthesiologist is in the operating
room. Pediatric anesthesiologists receive an extra
year of training to learn the special techniques
needed to care for younger and smaller patients.
The Pediatric Anesthesiology Program at The
Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s has the largest
number of board‑certified and fellowship‑trained
pediatric anesthesiologists in central New Jersey
and is one of the few hospitals to offer 24/7
coverage of this kind.