Serious illness, stellar care
While most parents do not need to concern themselves with pediatric
specialists, it’s reassuring to know they’re available if needed to work with
you and your child’s pediatrician at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s.
The Institute for Genetic Medicine at Saint Peter’s provides treatment and
support for families coping with rare inherited conditions. At the Children’s
Hospital of Philadelphia Cardiac Center at Saint Peter’s Children’s Hospital,
all forms of heart disease are treated including heart murmurs, congestive
heart failure, rheumatic fever, Kawasaki disease and arrhythmias. For infants,
children and adolescents with cancer and disorders of the blood, our Pediatric
Hematology/Oncology Program can enroll children into cutting-edge national
clinical trials. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) provides complex
pediatric intensive care services, innovative therapies for respiratory issues, and
plays an active role in the management of children undergoing serious and
complex surgical procedures. And our highly specialized pediatric critical care
team provides special transport, at a moment’s notice, from around the state.
The Child Life Program helps children and their families prepare for a hospital
stay. Before admission, a Tot Tour can be taken to familiarize families with the
pediatric unit.