Mind and body,
parent and child
For generations, The Children’s Hospital at Saint
Peter’s has led the way in applying advanced
medical knowledge to diagnose, monitor and
treat your newborn, toddler or adolescent at every
developmental phase. As a faith‑based hospital, we
believe strongly in treating the whole body, both
mind and spirit, so we take pride in caring for our
smallest patients with specialized programs. For
KEEPS—Kids Embraced and Empowered through
Psychological Services—is a regional psychiatric
full‑time day service for children ages five through
who suffer from emotional and behavioral
difficulties that affect their ability to function
successfully in their classroom or at home. Saint
Peter’s Dorothy B. Hersh Regional Child Protection
Center is a state‑designated child protection center
serving seven counties in central New Jersey. The
center’s multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses,
psychologists and clinical social workers provides
crisis intervention, child abuse assessments and
referrals to community resources.
Today more than ever, a healthy young mind is just
as important as a healthy young body.