Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this observership aimed at?
This is designed for international medical graduates to provide them exposure to the United States healthcare system.

What will I gain from the observership?
Hospital experience in the United States is crucial for obtaining a residency. 

What are the eligibility criteria?
Health and background checks permitting, graduate medical student with a passing score in USMLE Step 1 in first attempt is encouraged to apply. See our form for further details.

How much will it cost?
$1,500 US dollars plus additional fees are $35 for background check and $35 for drug screen for 2-week observership.COVID testing is now required and the cost is $32 if candidate chooses to have it done at Saint Peter's. Travel and lodging are the candidate’s responsibility.

What’s the schedule during the program?
You will be assigned to a medical teaching team which includes a resident, intern, medical students and a teaching faculty. You will follow their daily schedule starting at 6:30am every morning and will attend all residency didactics and maintain patient case logs. 

Will I be able to interact with or examine patients?
NO. Unfortunately, as an observer you are not allowed to have any direct patient contact as per NJ state law.  This is a “shadowing” experience only.

Do you provide accommodations?
No, but please contact us for recommendations.

When are dates available?
Dates are assigned on a first come, first served basis.  The sessions in 2022 are completely booked. If, however, a session opens up due to a cancellation, pending applications will be reviewed and processed according to the order in which they were received.

Who else will I come in contact with?
Networking is crucial in life. You will interact with our program director during morning report and other faculty members, residents, medical students, nurses and other staff within the hospital. There will be an opportunity to communicate with all involved in your role as an observer in patient-centered care.

Can I apply to the Saint Peter’s Internal Medicine program for Residency Program?
You are welcome to apply here. However, participating in this course does NOT influence your selection for an interview or for a residency position at our institution.

What does New Brunswick, New Jersey have to offer?
New Brunswick is a great place to work and live with a diverse general and medical population. It is one hour away from New York City and less than two hours from Philadelphia. For more details, visit or the Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitors Bureau at

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