Professional Practice

Our thoughts, decisions and actions are guided by our values. Our Collaborative Professional Practice Model demonstrates our vision. As clinicians, Saint Peter’s nurses are caring, innovative, scientific and are empowered through leadership and entrepreneurial teamwork. 

Much is expected of the nurses at Saint Peter's University Hospital, but the highest expectation is that they lead with their hearts.


Collaborative Governance

What does collaborative governance mean for nurses? Collaborative governance is a process of decentralized decision-making, whereby nursing staff accept and assume responsibility and accountability for their own professional practice.  At Saint Peter’s University Hospital collaborative governance is a tool for structuring nursing practice and autonomy.

Unit councils are organized within each department, as well as collaborative nursing councils, which serve as decision making bodies for professional practice issues, performance improvement, education, evidence-based practice and peer process.  The councils provide a systematic format for effective and timely communication.

The following council make up the collaborative governance structure at Saint Peter’s University Hospital:
  1. Professional Practice Council
  2. Unit Based Practice Councils
  3. Nursing Quality and Safety Council
  4. Nursing Research Council
  5. Advanced Practice Council
  6. Marketing and Mentoring Council
  7. Management Council
  8. Patient Care Leadership Council
  9. Caritas Caring Council

Nursing Annual Report


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