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Saint Peter’s University  Hospital’s  Enhanced  Recovery  After  Surgery  Program  (ERAS)  helps  patients  undergoing  repeat  Caesarean  sections to recover  faster  from  surgery  and  go  home  sooner.  First introduced in Europe, Saint Peter’s was the first hospital in the United States to introduce a complete obstetrics ERAS program.

Patients and doctors communicate before surgery,  during  hospitalization, and after surgery and during their  hospital  stay, and track milestones in care via  a  mobile  application.  Patients can access the app via  smartphone,  tablet  or  computer.
Research has shown that the ERAS program helps the body of a mother undergo less stress during surgery and reduces the chance of health problems following surgery.
Key ERAS services include:

  1. Preoperative  counseling:  Patient  and  family  education
  2. Preoperative  nutrition:  Patients  drink  a  carbohydrate  beverage  up  to  two  hours  before  anesthesia.
  3. No  preoperative  fasting:  Light  meal  allowed  up  to  six  hours  before  surgery 
  4. Postoperative  pain  management:  Use  of  non-narcotic  therapies reducing the use of narcotics for pain management  
  5. Postoperative  nutrition:  A  return  to  normal  diet  and  activities  as  soon  as  the  day  of  surgery

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