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COVID-19 Recovery Program

About the COVID-19 Recovery Program

To make an appointment for the COVID-19 Recovery Center program please contact us at 732-745-8552 or email

To make an appointment for a COVID-19 TEST please call 732-745-8600. A prescription from your physician is needed before an appointment can be made. Walk-ins are accepted, however, if you are experiencing symptoms please call in advance.

Saint Peter’s Healthcare System has developed a COVID-19 Recovery program to address the lingering complications endured by many post-COVID patients.

The program provides patients that have previously tested positive with COVID-19 access to multi-specialty care from experienced physicians that were at patients’ bedsides during the pandemic. We know that many patients continue to experience long-term symptoms, such as shortness of breath, chest pain, digestive problems and fatigue. We also know that many patients struggling with long-term symptoms were never hospitalized. The CRC recognizes that recovery is highly individualized and varies from patient to patient.

We are dedicated to ensuring that post COVID-19 patients get proper, compassionate medical treatment, customized to their needs, and a better understanding of the effects of this new virus.

"While some patients feel better sooner, there are others that are experiencing lasting symptoms. To complicate matters, these symptoms can vary in intensity and duration from patient to patient; what we’ve noticed is that no two cases present the same.” 

- Amar Bukhari, MD

"We want to help patients feel better by effectively managing any lasting effects of the disease. Our Center is designed to help streamline resources and services specific to the needs of our patients."

-Nilam Srivastava, MD

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