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Our Saint Peter's Gianna Center provides general gynecological care, prenatal care, natural family planning education, and fertility services. We are pleased to be the first in the community to feature two new unique services that provide a natural, restorative, scientifically based approach to monitoring your health and managing your fertility.

Natural family planning is a highly effective, safe, and natural method that can be used to either plan or postpone pregnancy. As an alternative to artificial methods of birth control, the practice of natural family planning allows a woman to understand the signs of fertility in order to naturally postpone a pregnancy. Natural family planning predicts a woman’s fertile time using three important body changes that occur only when ovulation is taking place. By observing these changes, a couple has a day-by-day understanding of whether they are fertile or infertile.

At the Saint Peter's Gianna Center, fertility specialists use the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System to monitor a woman’s menstrual and fertility cycle. The FertilityCare™ System is an excellent tool for tracking a woman’s fertility and monitoring gynecologic health. By learning to identify the signs of a woman’s fertility, a couple can then learn how to use this information to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, depending on their goals. Based on research that began from collaboration between women and their physicians, the system has grown into a national and international allied healthcare model. Once patients learn to map the rhythm of their cycles, they can help the healthcare provider to detect fertility patterns that can help them to avoid or achieve pregnancy. According to a multiple-site study of 1,800 couples reported in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, the FertilityCare™ System is 99.5% effective at avoiding pregnancy.

When the couple is ready to conceive, they simply choose to use the most fertile days for intercourse. Used in this way, 98% of couples of normal fertility will conceive within 4 to 6 months – 75% of them in the first month they try to conceive.

The Gianna Center is part of Saint Peter's Physician Associates, a network of affiliated physicians.

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