Incentivized Employee Referral Program

Incentivized Employee Referral Program
From July 29, 2022 – September 29, 2022, Saint Peter’s Healthcare System is offering an increased bonus amount for employee referrals for selected full-time positions. 

Selected Positions and Referral Award Amounts 

Critical Care RNs: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Adult Emergency Department, Pediatric Emergency Department, Adult Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room, Cardiac Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology, Labor & Delivery  
Registered Nurse First Assistant $10,000.00
Certified Nurse Midwife $10,000.00
Medical Technologist, Radiology Technologist, and Cardiac Cath Lab Technologist $ 5,000.00
Surgical Technician $ 2,500.00
Candidate and Position Guidelines
  1. All referred candidates must have one (1) year of experience in the specialty department in which they are referred
  2. Selected positions are for full-time employment only
The following are ineligible to be claimed for a referral bonus:
  1. A student who completed a rotation at Saint Peter’s Healthcare System within the previous six (6) months
  2. Contract personnel engaged by Saint Peter’s Healthcare System within the previous six (6) months
  3. Transfers from other positions within Saint Peter’s Healthcare System or from affiliates of Saint Peter’s Healthcare System
  4. Candidates employed by Saint Peter’s Healthcare System in the past 12 months.
Employee Eligibility for a Referral Bonus:
  1. The name of the employee making the referral must be on the Saint Peter’s Healthcare System employment application. 
  2. Both the referring employee and the referred employee must be actively employed at the time the bonus is awarded. 
  3. The referred employee must complete six (6) continuous months of satisfactory employment. 
  4. The Saint Peter’s employee emails their manager with their referral details: candidate name, position title, email and/or phone number. The manager will forward the email to Human Resources. The referral must be received prior to the final interview.
Referral Guidelines
  1. Referrals are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  2. If more than one employee refers the same applicant, the employee whose referral was received first will be given the referral bonus. 
  3. If the first employee cannot be determined, then the referral bonus will be divided equally among the referring employees. 
  4. Human Resources is responsible for tracking the referrals and requesting the bonus payout at the appropriate time. 
  5. The bonus award is taxed as ordinary income, in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations.
  6. Managers, Directors, Department Chairs, Senior Management, and those employed in Human Resources are not eligible to participate.
  7. Only the Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer is authorized to make changes to this program.
  8. Referred candidates that are hired but do not meet the (one) 1 year of experience as outlined are still eligible for an employee referral per the standard program:
    1. ‚ÄčProfessional/Technical Positions – All positions requiring a specific technical education, a bachelor’s/advanced degree, license, registration or certification.  
Referral Award Amount for Professional/Technical Positions $   500.00

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