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Adult Speech and Language Therapy

Saint Peter’s speech and language therapists use motivating activities designed to encourage patients to participate and learn new and necessary oral motor, articulation, and language skills. The goal of speech and language therapy is to improve each patient’s ability to understand language and to become more effective communicators in all environments. Our speech language pathologists are also skilled at treating swallowing difficulties and in working with cognitive impairments using cognitive rehabilitation approaches.

Our speech and language therapists often treat:

  • Difficulty with receptive/expressive language
  • Difficulty with oral motor skills
  • Articulation/phonological errors
  • Aphasia or loss of language skills
  • Dysarthria (difficulty speaking due to weak muscles)
  • Stuttering
  • Voice disorders (chronic hoarseness, vocal nodules or polyps)
  • Dysphagia/difficulty swallowing

For more information about Physical Rehabilitation Services at Saint Peter’s Health and Wellness Center or to make an appointment, call 732.565.5455. A physician’s prescription or a physician referral may be required. Most insurances are accepted.

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Adult Speech and Language Therapy

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