Men’s Maintenance and Repair Manual

January 12, 2015

The Things You Need to Know


Although it is a case of apples and oranges, some of the same rules for keeping your car running smoothly apply to men too. Your body needs scheduled maintenance for everything from its exhaust system to its fuel system, says Peter Fish, MD, Department of Internal Medicine, Saint Peter’s University Hospital. 


“Scheduled maintenance and prevention are the secrets to keeping your body in good running condition,” says Dr. Fish. 

Statistics say that men are less likely than women to visit their doctor. But men need to pay attention to their bodies just as much as women do. Men suffer from heart disease and stroke in greater numbers, and conditions that are unique to men, such as prostate cancer, require timely attention. Like women, men need to know their risk factors for disease, take steps to prevent ailments, and seek treatment when necessary. Again, like women, they also need to maintain a healthy weight, exercise, make sure their vaccinations are up to date, and have regular healthcare screenings. 


That scheduled maintenance means men, among other things, should discuss with their healthcare provider what vaccines and screenings they should have. Many diseases such as colon cancer can be treated successfully if caught early. A colonoscopy is recommended at age 50, or earlier if the individual has an intestinal condition. If it is normal, men can wait to have one every 10 years, says Dr. Fish.

Routine screenings include those for diabetes and prostate cancer. A lipid profile to measure cholesterol and triglyceride numbers should be done every five years beginning at age 20, and as often as your doctor recommends as you age, particularly if you have diabetes or high blood pressure, or if you smoke or have a family history of heart disease. Smokers should also have an abdominal ultrasound done after age 65, recommends Dr. Fish. If you do smoke, seek out resources for smoking cessation programs. 


“When it was new, your body was a speed wagon, but now it’s a vintage vehicle, so you need to start treating it like a classic,” says Dr. Fish.



You are invited to hear Peter Fish, MD, present more details about his men’s maintenance and repair manual at a Free men’s health event. Attention Men Football Season is Over – Get Off the Couch and Jump Start Your Way to Good Health Health education, screenings and food. Saturday, February 7 - 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM Sister Marie de Pazzi Conference Center Presenter: Peter Fish, MD, internist, discussing how you should treat your body like you would a vintage car.


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