Privasent Coming to Saint Peter's

October 28, 2015

How It Works 

Privasent uses a small, desktop device that takes images of your palm-vein patterns. This is done at the time of registration or check-in. Palm-vein patterns are unique to each individual. Privasent’s smart cards will also be issued to each patient at the time of enrollment. The card looks like a credit card. It is clearly labeled with the Saint Peter’s Healthcare System logo. Each time you arrive for care, you will be asked to present your Privasent card and have your palm scanned. This process validates each person’s identity.


After your enrollment and once you have the Privasent card, you will be able to quickly register anywhere you go within the hospital. Other parts of the Saint Peter’s Healthcare System will be rolling out Privasent over the next six months. Eventually you will be able to register with your Privasent cards anywhere within the Saint Peter’s Healthcare System.


Privasent helps Saint Peter’s Healthcare System with the following:

  • Your patient identity is 100% accurate with visits to Saint Peter’s
  • Members of the healthcare team can securely look up your patient history based on your identity
  • Patient safety is enhanced from this identity certainty

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