Saint Peter's launches lung institute

November 5, 2015

PHOTO CAPTION: “Lung cancer patients at Saint Peter’s benefit from new and better treatment options, including less invasive surgeries,” said Robert Caccavale, MD, pulmonologist.



 NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Saint Peter’s Healthcare System announced today it is has opened a lung institute that offers comprehensive tools to detect lung disease before it becomes cancerous, cutting-edge treatment options for those with a cancer diagnosis, and a progressive approach to lung cancer research. “With a focus on high quality and convenient services, the Saint Peter’s Lung Institute’s initial visits or consultations with Saint Peter’s expert physicians are provided in one setting,” said Nancy Pingitore, patient navigator at The Lung Institute. “Only one appointment is necessary to see all needed specialists including thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pulmonologists, radiologists, pathologists and nurses.”  


The Lung Institute physicians discuss each individual case, assess all treatment options and ultimately develop a plan that is tailored to each patient, ensuring the best possible care and outcomes. This serves to decrease the time that it typically takes for patients to start getting the treatment and care that they need.   The physician team also holds discussions on topics that impact the future of lung cancer care including advances in treatment, research and clinical trials.  

“For patients who are at risk for developing lung cancer or for those who may have a lung cancer diagnosis, getting the right care plan at the right time can be critically important,” said Edward Fein, MD, pulmonologist and physician leader at The Lung Institute.


The Lung Institute also emphasizes a strong focus on the patient experience by offering patient navigation services that are designed to help patients with:  

  • Arranging appointments quickly with physicians

  • Assisting with insurance issues and payment plans

  • Arranging transportation to and from The Lung Institute

  • Coordinating time with a dietitian or social worker

  • Communicating test results and care plans with primary care providers or referring physicians

  • Answering any question a patient may have

“Finding your way through a health care system can be complicated,” says Pingitore, the patient navigator, said.  “I help our patients easily find their way through appointments, tests and treatments, ensuring they are informed and having a positive experience.”  


Genetic testing also provides important information about lung disease to the physicians at The Lung Institute.   Pathologists use prognostic genetic testing to measure how quickly the cells in a lung tumor are dividing.  This shows how aggressive a tumor is and assists the lung team in making important clinical decisions.  


“Every patient has a unique set of circumstances,” said Gopal Desai, MD, radiation oncologist.  “Our multidisciplinary approach to care allows our patients to get treatment efficiently and effectively.”

For more information about The Lung Institute at Saint Peter’s University Hospital visit To make an appointment or to speak with our patient navigator call 732-339-7747.

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