Keep It Moving: Office Fitness Tips

January 10, 2020

Keep It Moving: Office Fitness Tips
Do you have a goal to be more fit this year? You’re not alone! Statistica reports that 45% of 2018 New Year’s resolutions were to lose weight or get in shape. While many start strong with frequent gym visits and exercise, it can be hard to remain consistent month-to-month with busy work schedules and long commutes. We gathered some ideas to help you crush this year’s fitness goal.

Office Fitness Tip #1 Start a walking club
Chances are you are not the only one in your office who wants to get some steps in during the workday. Consider finding a walking partner (or several) who will join you for laps inside or outside during lunch or breaks. Not only will this help you move during the workday but taking a few minutes to walk around and get away from your screen has additional benefits. You will get to rest your eyes, and perhaps improve your mood, too. If you have an internal meeting that doesn’t require the use of computers, consider taking your meeting ‘on the go’ and walk during that meeting.
Office Fitness Tip #2: Transform your desk space
Consider adapting your desk space to allow for more movement during the day. While you can make dramatic changes, many can be simple and contribute to your overall fitness without you even thinking about it. Standing desks have become popular over the past few years. Users point to a reduction of shoulder and back pain. Another option is to replace your standard desk chair with a large exercise ball, which helps to activate your core and improve your posture. For those who have a lot of flexibility when it comes to office setup, and available space, treadmill desks can be the ultimate way to get a workout in during business hours. Although this is not a practical option for most, it could be a gamechanger for those who work remotely.
Office Fitness Tip #3: Keep small dumbbells in your desk
Weights aren’t just for the gym! Have small dumbbells handy and pick a set of arm or shoulder exercises to do every hour. Fortunately, there are many quick exercises you can do with dumbbells that won’t call attention to you at your cubicle or desk area. Do a few hammer curls, knock out a set of dumbbell rows, or even try some shoulder presses to get your blood moving.
Office Fitness Tip #4: Frequent the water cooler
We’ve all been there: you are working on a project and lose track of time – all a sudden it’s 4 p.m. and all you drank today was coffee. While recommended daily water intake varies from person to person, there are several tricks to ensure you are drinking water consistently throughout the day. By setting an alarm to remind you to refill your water bottle, you are also ensuring you are getting up and walking to the water cooler or kitchen regularly. Be sure to consult your doctor or nutritionist to determine your water intake daily goal.

Need a strategy to make sure you are on top of our 2020 fitness goals? Meredith Rassam, PT, MSPT, a physical therapist at the Saint Peter’s Sports Medicine Institute, helps create a game plan in this installment of Better for Life:

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