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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a therapy provided on an outpatient basis, which includes supervised exercise and risk reduction counseling. Once the patient is referred to our program by his/her physician, they are scheduled for an initial evaluation. This includes a biometric screening and several surveys to assess his/her current physical and emotional status. Education is provided on relevant topics to ensure the patient gets the help he/she truly needs. Post-cardiac surgery patients are especially vulnerable because of underlying risk factors and a usually sedentary lifestyle.

Cardiac rehabilitation is usually prescribed for 36 sessions which usually takes a patient 12 weeks to complete at a rate of three sessions per week. The session is about an hour long and is supervised by a team of exercise physiologists and nurses. These staff members help to ensure the exercise equipment is being used properly and safely by the patients, as well as to make sure their heart rates are remaining in an appropriate range. Biometrics such as blood pressure can be measured as needed. 
Although in a group environment, the Cardiac Rehabilitation program is individualized to target needs each patient may have. The exercise program is developed for each patient based on his/her medical history and recent stress test. The program also includes patient education which may vary in focus depending on each patient’s diagnosis and other conditions. 
Topics such as nutrition, cardiac and heart health, exercise regimens and psychosocial needs are addressed with patients on an ongoing basis. As the patient’s discharge from the program approaches, a home exercise plan is created and tailored to the patient’s ability and what exercise equipment is available in his/her home or local fitness club.
Cardiac rehabilitation is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies based on the patient’s specific diagnosis. Please speak to your healthcare provider for more information and to see if you are eligible for the program.
The patient may also join a cardiac maintenance program which is a monthly membership to the fitness center that includes one monitored session each month at the Cardio Metabolic Institute. Patients should speak with their doctor or call the Cardio Metabolic Institute at 732-846-7000

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