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Please note: COVID-19 Resource page is intended to help patients who are still experiencing long-term effects of a COVID diagnosis. We cannot schedule COVID-19 tests or vaccines at this time. Thank you.

Some people who have been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 can experience long-term effects from their infections. Saint Peter’s Healthcare System has compiled resources to help address the lingering complications endured by many post-COVID patients.

“While some patients feel better sooner, there are others that are experiencing lasting symptoms. To complicate matters, these symptoms can vary in intensity and duration from patient to patient; what we’ve noticed is that no two people present the same.”

– Amar Bukhari, MD

To see a primary care physician, visit Saint Peter’s Physician Associates or the Adult Multispecialty Health Center at Saint Peter’s Family Health Center

  1. To see a lung specialist, call 732-745-8564
  2. To see a heart specialist call, 732.937.6050
  3. To see a gastrointestinal specialist, call 732-565-5471
  4. Click here for a full list of Saint Peter’s services

Not sure which specialist to see? Visit our Post-COVID Symptoms page to see which of our specialists can provide you with the treatment you need.

For other information or questions regarding how to schedule an appointment with a physician, contact 732.745.8552.


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