What Makes CyberKnife® Revolutionary? Hero

What Makes CyberKnife® Revolutionary?

CyberKnife is the only FDA approved, completely robotic stereotactic radiosurgery available in the world that targets and destroys inaccessible tumors or lesions anywhere in the body including the neck, spine, lung, pancreas and prostate.

Guidance system cameras take live images of the tumor, tracking and locating its actual position throughout the treatment, while compensating for small patient movements during the procedure.

This makes it possible to treat lesions that move with breathing, such as lung and pancreatic tumors. It also allows administration of a higher dose of radiation while nearby normal tissue is preserved.

A multi-jointed robotic arm delivers multiple beams of radiation at optimal angles to the tumor site. With over 1,200 possible beam positions, the CyberKnife has the greatest flexibility of approach available in radiosurgery–even more than radiation therapy.


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