Low Dose Imaging

Low Dose Imaging 

State-of-the-art low-dose imaging systems are used to diagnose and treat adult and pediatric conditions at Saint Peter’s University Hospital and The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital. 

The EOS® Imaging System 

Standing images of the whole body are captured with the EOS system which delivers 50 percent to 85 percent less radiation than X-rays and 95 percent less than computed tomography (CT). Saint Peter’s University Hospital is the only hospital in New Jersey to offer the EOS® system, a new low-dose, full-body orthopedic medical imaging system for children and adults. The EOS system captures two, full-body, weight-bearing images simultaneously. Using these two full-body images, a 3D model of the skeletal system is created This one clear model of the full spine is best for evaluating scoliosis, especially in children.

Lung Screening

The early detection of lung disease and lung cancer is critical in determining appropriate treatment. Saint Peter’s University Hospital provides low-dose computed tomography (CT) lung screening for those who are at high risk for lung disease.

The low-dose GE VCT scanner used for the Saint Peter’s Lung Screening Program features advanced computer software that produces high resolution images with less radiation. Low-dose CT screening results are provided to the patient’s primary care physician. 

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