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Pulmonary Nodules

What is a Pulmonary Nodule?
If you have been diagnosed with a pulmonary nodule, it means that you have a growth in the lung that can be caused by several things. The presence of a nodule does not necessarily mean a patient has lung cancer. Infections and inflammatory conditions can cause nodules.   

What are the Symptoms of a Pulmonary Nodule?
Most of the time, patients are unaware that they have a nodule until it is seen on imaging. The diagnosis is referred to as an incidental finding.

What Happens if I have a Nodule?
At Saint Peter’s, the management of pulmonary nodules is individualized for each patient. The recommended plan depends on the size and appearance of your nodule or nodules, as well as your level of risk for cancer. Small nodules in patients at low risk for cancer may not require any follow up. In other cases, your provider may order a follow up a computerized axial tomography scan (CT scan), a positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET- CT), or a biopsy.

If you require follow up or additional testing, your patient navigator will assist in scheduling these appointments. 

For more information, questions or to participate in our healthy lung screening program call Robin Bergeron, PA-C, our patient navigator at 732.745.8600, ext. 5864‚Äč.

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