Navio Surgical System

Navio Knee Patient Testimonial

Navio Robotic Assistance Provides Accuracy and Precision

The NAVIO system is an advancement in the way our orthopedic surgeons perform knee replacement. The system works in conjunction with our surgeon’s skilled hands to achieve the precise positioning of the knee implant based on each patient’s unique anatomy. This added level of accuracy can help improve the function, feel and potential longevity of the knee implant.

Through an advanced computer program, the NAVIO system provides robotic assistance that relays precise information about your knee to a robotics-assisted handpiece used by our surgeons during the procedure. By collecting patient-specific data, boundaries are established for the handpiece so we can remove the damaged surfaces of your knee, balance your joint, and position the implant with greater precision.

The NAVIO™ Surgical System can help your surgeon get you back in action with accurate and precise knee replacement technology.

What can NAVIO™ Robotics-assisted Technology mean for you?

  1. Consistent results
  2. Accurately placed components
  3. Customized planning 
  4. No CT-scan required
Other robotics-assisted surgical platforms require a costly CT-scan, which exposes patients to unnecessary radiation equivalent to 48 chest radiographs.

Why partial knee replacement? Partial knee replacement offers several benefits over total knee replacement, such as less pain, a more normal feeling knee, smaller incisions4, and quicker rehabilitation.

Why total knee replacement?

Total knee replacement is one of the most successful procedures in all of medicine. Over 90% who undergo the procedure experience a dramatic reduction in knee pain and a significant improvement in their ability to perform
common activities.

What’s my next step?

Ask your surgeon:
  1. Is my knee pain caused by osteoarthritis?
  2. Am I candidate for a partial or total knee replacement?
  3. Is NAVIO Robotics-assisted Technology right for me?
  4. How does my age, lifestyle and overall health affect
  5. my treatment options?
  6. What are the risks associated with surgery?
NAVIO robotics-assisted tool

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