Pediatric Therapy

Physical, Occupational, Speech, Language and Feeding

Our pediatric physical therapists use play activities to engage children in a fun and relaxing environment and help them achieve their highest functional level.
We treat such conditions as:

  1. Birth injury or defects

  2. Gross and fine motor delay

  3. Difficulty walking

  4. Low tone

  5. Torticollis

  6. Autism

  7. Erb’s Palsy

  8. Down Syndrome

  9. Sensory integration dysfunction

  10. Neurological impairment

Our specialists provide comprehensive care for the treatment and development of children with the goal of helping them perform activities, develop physical skills, attain developmental milestones, and ultimately improve their quality of life.  
Pediatric Physical Therapy strives to:

  1. Improve strength, balance and coordination

  2. Correct head and body alignment

  3. Teach the child to walk

  4. Aid recovery after injury or illness.


Pediatric Occupational Therapy strives to: 

  1. Assess and teach fine motor skills, such as hand-to-eye coordination for feeding, handwriting and play

  2. Implement sensory strategies for self-calming, increased attention span and focus

  3. Teach daily life tasks, such as dressing, bathing and grooming

  4. Evaluate the need for specialized equipment

Our speech and language therapists use fun and motivating activities designed to encourage children to participate and learn new and necessary skills. Treatment does not only focus on oral-motor problems, but also on developing skills designed to change the behavior that interferes with normal communication so that a child may communicate at an age-appropriate level.

Pediatric speech, language and feeding therapies strive to foster:

  1. Understanding and expressing of thoughts and words

  2. Pronunciation of sounds and words clearly

  3. Gathering, sucking, chewing and swallowing food

  4. Understanding and following direction (auditory processing)

  5. Coordinating mouth/oral movements for feeding and speech production

Modified barium swallowing or other proven methods are additional specialized diagnostic tools and tests available to provide effective evaluation and treatment of swallowing and feeding problems available.
So that children are able to play and learn, our pediatric occupational therapists are specially trained to enhance and restore play and learning to improve cognitive, motor, coordination, and comprehensive skills in order to maximize play, school performance and daily activities. 
Call 732-745-8570 for information or to make an appointment for your newborn or child of up to 16 years of age for outpatient therapy sessions. A prescription from your doctor is required. A referral may be necessary. Most insurance is accepted.

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