Pediatric Vascular Services

Children with vascular abnormalities have traditionally received care from multiple providers over the course of their treatment, resulting in difficulties in coordinating care. The complexity of these vascular conditions requires a multidisciplinary approach and a combination of interventional procedures and medical therapy to control the symptoms.


At The Pediatric Multidisciplinary Vascular Clinic, our goal is to develop a personalized treatment plan specific to the patient’s diagnosis and needs. Treatment options are reviewed and recommendations made regarding therapeutic options, including sclerotherapy, plastic surgery, medical and orthopedic management of associated symptoms, chemotherapy, and others. Additionally, research protocols are explored.


We also offer our patients access to the national and international vascular support group organizations by providing information regarding the resources available for each specific condition.


Referring physicians or families can contact the Vascular Clinic directly. Patients will undergo a pre-evaluation and our multispecialty team of experts will review all previous medical records, imaging studies and operative reports. Patients with vascular conditions have complex medical issues that require a team approach and we believe that the patient’s primary care provider plays a key role in the comprehensive management of our patients.


Patients or primary care providers may contact The Pediatric Multidisciplinary Vascular Clinic at 732-745-6674.

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