Sleep and Breathing Disorders Hero

Sleep and Breathing Disorders

Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. The repercussions of poor sleep habits can be serious.  Poor concentration, memory loss, depression, irritability, asthma and allergies, poor job performance, accidents, and/or poor physical health can all be a result of lack of sleep. The Center for Sleep and Breathing Disorders at Saint Peter’s University Hospital, accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), offers exceptional expertise to ensure patients receive the most comprehensive treatment. 

Our board-certified physicians can evaluate, prescribe testing, diagnose and treat sleep disorders in children and adults.  Our expert technologists provide comprehensive care for adults and children, including:
•   Overnight sleep studies at the Center
•   Daytime studies at the Center for those who work nights
•   Home studies using equipment delivered to your home 

Conditions  treated  include:

Sleep apnea – A closing of the airways that interrupts breathing for a few seconds and prevents deep sleep. This can happen hundreds of time during sleep.

Narcolepsy – An abnormal sleep cycle characterized by disturbed nighttime sleep and excessive tiredness during the day.  People who suffer from narcolepsy can fall asleep and enter REM (rapid eye movement) sleep – a normal stage of sleep – rapidly. 

Restless legs syndrome – Discomfort in the legs that prevent the suffer from falling asleep.

Periodic limb movements – Movement, usually of the legs, that occurs throughout the night and interrupts sleep. 

Parasomnias – A condition that includes sleep terrors, sleep walking and sleep talking and occurs during various stages of sleep. 

If you have a hard time sleeping or wake up exhausted for no apparent reason, call and schedule an appointment with the Center for Sleep and Breathing Disorders at Saint Peter's at 732-937-6055. 

Meet the Staff of the Center for Sleep and Breathing Disorders.

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