Lung Institute

Saint Peter’s Lung Institute offers the best possible tools for the prevention, early detection, comprehensive treatment and research of lung cancer under one program providing technologically advanced, high quality and convenient services for our patients.


For patients who are at risk for developing lung cancer or for those that may have a lung cancer diagnosis, getting the right care plan at the right time can be critically important.  Our multidisciplinary physicians work together toward faster more accurate detection, diagnosis and treatment, giving patient’s confidence and peace of mind. At the Lung Institute, initial visits or consultations with our physicians are provided by our expert team of thoracic surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, pulmonologists, radiologists, pathologists and nurses -- all in one setting.  For the convenience of our patients only one appointment is necessary to see all needed specialists.  


Our physicians, who are in constant collaboration, hold a thoracic conference to discuss cases and develop recommendations tailored to each individual for the best possible care plan.  Our physicians also hold discussions on topics that impact the future of lung cancer care including advances in treatment, research and clinical trials.  


Smoking is a major risk factor for developing lung cancer.  To help our patients quit, Saint Peter’s has partnered with several community smoking cessation programs to provide our patients solutions that work for their particular needs.


Advanced Treatment Techniques

At the Saint Peter’s Lung Institute, we pair our physician expertise with cutting edge technology to offer the latest treatment techniques, including CyberKnife, a robotic treatment system that utilizes external beam radiation to pinpoint tumors with millimeter accuracy as well as Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS), a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to access the lungs through the chest cavity to operate on the lungs. VATS has many benefits over traditional surgery including shorter recovery time, less pain and better quality of life post-surgery.

Patient Navigation Services

Finding your way through a healthcare system can be complicated. The Saint Peter’s Lung Institute thoracic patient navigator is dedicated to helping you find your way through appointments, tests and treatments to ensure that you receive the best care possible and the follow-up you need to stay healthy. Your lung cancer navigator is here to:


       Help you get the doctor appointments you need, quickly

       Help you with insurance or payment issues

       Make sure you have transportation to your appointments

       Coordinate dietitian or social worker services

       Communicate test results and care plans with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or referring physicians

       Answer any questions that you may have.

Genetic testing provides important information about lung disease.  At the Saint Peter’s Lung Institute, our pathologists utilize prognostic genetic testing to measure how quickly the cells in a lung tumor are dividing. This tells us how aggressive a tumor is and helps us in determining a comprehensive treatment plan with the best long term outcomes for our patients.

Our oncology research team is dedicated to providing the latest national and institutional clinical trials and research protocols.  Our focus is on studies that will provide our patients the best tools for the greatest long-term benefit, better quality of life and the lowest risk for side effects throughout treatment and survivorship.  

Learn more about Saint Peter's Lung Assessment & Screening and visit Cancer Care for more information on Saint Peter's oncology programs.

To schedule a multidisciplinary consultation, call 732-339-7747.

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