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New Patients

The Department of Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine schedules appointments per medical necessity after careful review of the patient’s history and prior study results. We ask that all new patients review our Intake Procedures below.

Please note that we do not take self-referrals. A referral order or prescription detailing the specific reason for a genetic evaluation is required.

Intake Procedures – scheduling as a New Patient

For a “Positive” or “Abnormal” Newborn Screen:

If you were referred by your pediatrician or the NJ State Department of Health, please call 732.745.6659, option 1, during open office hours to speak with a staff member immediately. Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What is the baby’s full legal name, the baby’s name upon delivery (if different from legal name), as well as the mom’s name? Example: John Smith, born Baby Boy Jane Smith to Jane Smith.
  • What is the baby’s date of birth?
  • Where was the baby delivered?
  • Did the state recommend Saint Peter’s specifically for a genetic evaluation or did another facility refer you to us?
  • For what test/screen was the baby’s result positive or abnormal?
  • Who is the baby’s pediatrician and what is the office location, phone number and fax number?
  • Do you know if this result is from the initial test after delivery, or a repeat sample due to a positive or abnormal result?

For cancer-related referrals please:

  1. Provide any previous genetic testing results for yourself or relatives, if applicable.
  2. Call 732.745.6659 and select option 2 to speak with our Intake Coordinator.

For all other referral cases:

Please be ready to provide the following:

  • The most recent complete visit notes from the Primary Care Physician (PCP) or Pediatrician.
  • Patient growth chart (height, weight, head circumference), as applicable
  • All relevant radiology and/or lab work
  • All relevant specialty/consultant notes
  • Relevant hospital admission/discharge summaries

Once prepared with the above information, please call 732.745.6659, option 2, to speak with our intake coordinator.

If you reach a voicemail, please leave a brief message, speaking slowing and clearly with the following information:

  • Caller’s name and call back phone number. (Please ensure your voicemail box is not full.)
  • The patient’s full name, date of birth, and reason for referral as listed on the provider’s order or prescription.

Once you have spoken with our intake coordinator, the following forms will be sent for completion:

  • Pre-registration Form
  • Medical Record Release Form
  • Medical Record Request Form
  • Adult or Pediatric History Form
  • Cancer Gene Connect Form (if applicable)

The forms can be sent by email via hyperlinks for electronic completion and immediate submission. They can also be emailed as PDF attachments. Paper forms are also available by pick-up at the office or U.S. postal mail. Spanish language versions of these forms are also available.

Once the forms have been completed, returned and reviewed, an appointment will be coordinated.


Established Patients

  • If you have been seen within three (3) years and are calling to schedule a follow-up appointment, please call 732.745.6659 and select option 3 to speak with our patient navigator or open a patient case in the Saint Peter’s patient portal.
  • If you were seen over three (3) years ago, please call 732.745.6659 and select option 2 to speak with our intake coordinator.
  • Please note that genetic testing result time varies. If you are calling to follow up on the status of results for testing completed through our office, please be ready with the patient’s name, date of birth and date the sample was drawn.

All results are reviewed by a medical geneticist who must create an individualized plan-of-care per case. You will be contacted when your results are available for discussion. If you are requesting historical records from over three (3) years ago, a form must be completed through the Health Information Management department.



Telegenetics is a telehealth service at Saint Peter’s specifically designed to provide genetic counseling, genetic-metabolic dietician counseling for inborn errors of metabolism, and, when appropriate, genetic evaluation and consultation. Translation services are available in the platform.

Providers at Saint Peter’s can participate in remote patient consultations or counseling using secure telecommunication technology that is HIPAA/HITECH compliant and convenient. The technology allows providers to meet face-to-face with patients in a virtual appointment to discuss healthcare concerns or monitor a patient’s needs while reducing travel time and expenses. Patients can connect with our providers from any device that is equipped with Wi-Fi, a web-camera, microphone and speaker, through a link sent by email or text. Cell phones and tablets are acceptable devices for telehealth, but for the best audio/visual experience, it is strongly recommended to use a laptop or desktop.

Telegenetics may not be an appropriate solution for all referral indications, which is why patients wishing to be scheduled are pre-screened and triaged by the department’s clinical staff to ensure it is the right option for them.

Preparing for a telegenetic appointment:

Upon scheduling, patients or their legal representatives must communicate how they wish to receive the link for their visit: text or email. Please also inform the scheduler whether other guests will need to join separately and how they should receive the link as well.

  • Accurate SMS phone numbers (capable of receiving text messages) and spelling of email addresses are important!

To ensure success on the day of your visit:

  • Prepare the device which will be used on the day of the appointment by installing or updating the web browser, if necessary.
  • Select a quiet, private area with strong Wi-Fi signal to avoid distractions or disconnection.
  • Prepare to enter an alternate phone number in the visit chat, in case of disconnect.

Expectations during a telegenetic appointment:

  • A link will be sent via email or text message at the scheduled appointment time.
  • When ready to join, please select “Start Session”.
  • If there are issues connecting, please call 732.745.6659 and select option 4 to promptly speak with a staff member.

For more information about the Department of Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine, please click here.

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