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The Women’s Health Center, located at Saint Peter’s Family Health Center in New Brunswick, offers comprehensive obstetrical care, including postpartum care, as well as gynecological services. Additional services include nutritional counseling, social work referrals and financial counseling. We accept most insurances including Medicaid/Medicare and charity care.

Saint Peter’s provides female reproductive health care to all ages of women including adolescents, women of childbearing age and women seeking post-menopausal care.

Obstetrical Care Services
Full range, comprehensive obstetrical care (prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum care) is provided by the board certified obstetricians in the Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Saint Peter’s University Hospital.

Services include:

  1. Nutritional counseling
  2. Ultrasound surveillance of fetal growth and development
  3. Co-management with or referral to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division for risk factors that may develop during the pregnancy

Gynecologic Diagnostic and Treatment Services

  1. Primary care outpatient services
  2. Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (MIGS)
  3. Advanced laparoscopic procedures used for:
    1. treatment ectopic pregnancy
    2. lysis of adhesions
    3. ovarian surgery
    4. cauterization or removal of fibroids
    5. hysterectomies

Referrals are provided to the following services:
Maternal-Fetal Medicine: The Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Saint Peter’s University Hospital provides comprehensive perinatal health care for women who anticipate or are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. Specialized services are offered by a dedicated group of highly trained professionals who combine the most updated medical information and state of the art technology with the sensitivity, understanding and caring required to meet the needs of women with a high-risk pregnancy.

Gynecologic Oncology: Physicians who specialize in gynecologic oncology will evaluate and treat of pre-cancerous and cancerous gynecological conditions. Our radiation oncologists treat malignancies of the female reproductive system and perform minimally invasive surgery and radical procedures for cervical, endometrial, ovarian and vulvar cancers in conjunction with radiation therapy.

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