This law is effective August 29, 2018 and requires Saint Peter’s Healthcare System (“SPHS”) to provide to our patients (and/or the “insured”) certain disclosures and information that may impact their potential healthcare costs.  

  1. Physicians who provide services may or may not participate with the same health benefits plans as SPHS;
  2. Physician services provided at SPHS are not included in facility charges;
  3. The “insured” has the responsibility to check with his/her physician arranging services to see if that physician is in-network or out-of-network with the “insured’s” health benefit plan; 
  4. The “insured” should contact his/her health benefit plan for further consultation on costs; and
  5. A list of standard charges for items and services is available upon request by contacting the Patient Financial Services Customer Service Team at (732) 745-8600, extension 8550.
The following listings provide information on the insurers, providers, and products in which SPHS participates, as well as any exceptions:

Physician Groups with Which SPHS Contracts for Services
The following is a list of Physician Groups that SPHS contracts with for services. These Physician Groups are not employees of the healthcare system but instead have been contracted to provide certain healthcare services that prevents SPHS from using any other physician/physician groups for these services. These costs are not included in the facility’s charges and the Physician Group(s) will bill patients and/or the “insured” separately.
Click Here to View the Physician Groups With Which SPHS Contracts

Physicians and Physician Groups Employed by SPHS
The following is a list of Physicians and Physician Groups employed by SPHS. While they are employees of SPHS, our patients and/or the “insured” may receive a separate bill for their services in the event that they process their own billing.
Click Here to View the Physicians and Physician Groups Employed by SPHS

Health Benefit Plans with Which SPHS Participates
The following is a list of Health Benefit Plans in which SPHS contracts with. It is always best for our patients and/or the “insured” to contact their health benefit plan prior to receiving services as plans differ in coverage levels that could impact out-of-pocket costs.

In addition, our patients and/or the “insured” should check with the physician arranging care to confirm the health benefit plans in which the physician participates. This may differ from that of SPHS.

All employed SPHS physicians participate in all health benefit plans unless there is an exception noted in the Employed Physicians and Physician Groups 

Click Here to View the Health Benefit Plans in Which SPHS Participates ‚Äč

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