Internal Medicine Residency Program

Saint Peter’s University Hospital has been training medical residents since 1929. Many decades of experience in teaching and learning has resulted in a robust program based on best ideas, practices, methods, and techniques. We are passionate about medical education, and if you share this passion, you should consider our program. 

Medical care should be Safe, Effective, Timely, Patient-Centered, and Efficient. At Saint Peter’s, we promote these simple truths, give you the tools to learn and encourage you to achieve excellence in an exciting career. 

This is an exciting time for internal medicine. The galloping advances in science, the need to provide more access, the obligation to reduce medical errors, and the mandate to reduce cost and be better custodians of limited and precious resources compel us to be ready for change. 

The cerebral nature of our discipline combined with core elements of professionalism, give us the unique opportunity to serve our society and relieve suffering.

Program Mission Statement

“Primas Agant Curandi” 

The program is governed by the principle that the Patient always comes FIRST 

  1. The program provides education of internal medicine residents based on a solid foundation of Humanism and Professionalism within a culture that promotes a spirit of inquiry and a passion for lifelong learning.
  2. ‚ÄčThe program Promotes, Teaches, Evaluates, and Certifies each of the ACGME competencies for every resident.
  3. Through role modeling, the program promotes Evidence-Based, Safe, Effective, Efficient, Timely, Patient-Centered, and Equitable care to all patients. 
  4. The program aspires to train residents to become leaders in medicine.

Program Aims 

  1. The program aspires to train residents to become scholarly internists in its traditional form and become leaders who will adopt and influence the changing health care effectively.  
  2. Although the program’s primary aim is to produce internists, the secondary goals include subspecialty training, career in business of medicine, research, and population health.  
  3. We will train residents in Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, and efficient use of finite resources.  
  4. The program hopes and encourages the graduating residents to explore opportunities locally (faculty and community at large). 
Join us to heal, to learn, and to discover. 


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